The Chimera of Progress?

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The Chimera of Progress ? 

Allan Irving

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“All you have to do is to think about Samuel Beckett : a mind so dark that it makes you wonder if the Renaissance really took place”  ….poet John Berryman

“And then a plank in Reason, broke…”   Emily Dickinson

In 1933-34 Chicago hosted a world’s fair with the title A Century of Progress International Exposition, with the theme of technological innovation.  Its motto was Science Finds, Industry Applies, Man Adapts.  There were close to forty million ...

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“Rowing in Eden”: What We Can Learn From Emily Dickinson

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Along with countless others I am in love with Emily Dickinson for her brilliance, unique use of language, her gardens and flowers, her solitude, fragility, and her quirkiness and grace. Some maintained she lived “on the outskirts of sanity.” I wish I had been there on that day, May 19, 1886 in Amherst, Massachusetts, when her coffin was carried through fields of buttercups to the cemetery. Her devoted sister Lavinia had placed heliotrope in her hand and ringed her neck ...

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