This group provides an opportunity to share ideas about how we can effectively work in a digital-virtual world. Discussants will share some of their own practices and experiences both positive and negative. Some possible questions might include:

What is research teaching us about changes in human behavior and development in this digital world? Are there indications that there are risks—social and psychological—to the ubiquity of social media in our lives, especially to young and more vulnerable users? If so how should programs and practitioners be changing to meet these needs? What new technologies could we develop or what means are worth taking advantage of in order to strengthen the silent voice of the profession and in particular, the voices of those people who suffer most?

What opportunities are there for social work to use the internet and social media for policy and program advocacy, including fund raising? At present the professional social work organizations have very little presence in social media. What can be done to raise this as an issue and promote change? Or should this be resisted?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online social work degree program? They appear to be here to stay so what should we be thinking and doing about it? Do we foresee a very different future for higher education in general?

How do we mentor and advocate for the newer generation of social work faculty who may be using digital, multi-media methods for research and publishing? Current tenure and promotion practices in many institutions are out of synch with the direction scholarship and publication are going. What are your views about these trends, e.g, open access journals.

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