Any classroom or educational practice can be conceptualized as socially constructed, but what does a constructionist classroom look like?  This group will explore how our beliefs about knowledge inform our practices of education.  Possible questions include: How do we both teach social work from a social constructionist perspective/standpoint and engage in constructionist-informed pedagogical practices?  What pedagogical innovations do we engage in?  In what ways do we facilitate opportunities for generative relationships in the classroom?  How might we explore the pedagogical potentials of constructionist epistemology?  What are the implications of a ‘constructionist classroom’ within institutions rooted in a history of hierarchy and the privileging of authority-based knowledge?  What pressures do social work educators encounter to engage in practices that are in opposition to one’s philosophy and pedagogy?  How do educational and/or professional standards and policies facilitate and/or interfere with the local embedding of curricula and the privileging of polyvocality?

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